DBL Mastermind

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of joining the Mastermind Accelerator program?

Discover the exclusive benefits of enrolling in the Mastermind Accelerator program:

Spiritual Support: Receive prayer and spiritual guidance throughout your journey.

Biblical Principles: Gain insights from biblical principles to shape and enhance your business strategies.

Overcoming Challenges: Learn effective strategies to tackle the top 10 challenges faced by businesses.

Peer-to-Peer Support: Engage in valuable peer-to-peer support with like-minded business owners.

Networking and Referrals: Expand your network and access valuable referrals within the community.

Expert Guidance: Benefit from access to experts for personalized and group support, along with tailored strategies.

Business Credit and Funding: Access resources for building business credit and exploring alternative funding options.

Experienced Facilitation: Receive expert facilitation from a seasoned professional with over 20 years of business leadership success.

Comprehensive Business Plan: Develop a detailed business plan with actionable items, tasks, and strategies.

Revenue Growth Strategies: Obtain a revenue growth plan with scalable strategies for sustainable business expansion.

1:1 Coaching: Receive personalized 1:1 coaching sessions as needed for targeted support.

Accountability Systems: Implement accountability systems to track progress and ensure goal attainment.”


Are the mastermind accelerator groups, Christian led?

Yes. Within our program, we integrate Biblical Principles to shape and inform the strategies we offer.


Are non-Christians welcomed into the program?

Indeed, non-Christians are warmly welcomed to participate in our program.


How often are the mastermind sessions held?

Our Mastermind Sessions are scheduled to occur monthly, on the same day each month, spanning a duration of 12 months.


How long does each mastermind session last?

The typical duration of our Mastermind Sessions is 2 hours, providing ample time for engaging discussions, sharing insights, updates, and interactive question-and-answer sessions.


Who leads the mastermind sessions?

Our Mastermind Sessions are expertly led by seasoned professionals. Additionally, each month, we extend invitations to guest experts who specialize in various relevant agendas to enrich the session content. These specialized sessions come from the mastermind participants’ recommendations for the type of experts they need. 


How do I apply to join the Mastermind Accelerator program?

The initial step involves completing a form to determine suitability for the program. If deemed compatible, you’ll proceed to register for an upcoming information session. Following this, you’ll meet with your group facilitator to finalize the enrollment process.


Can I participate in the mastermind sessions remotely?

Absolutely! All  Mastermind Accelerator Sessions are conducted virtually via Zoom, ensuring accessibility regardless of location. All you need is a functional device and a stable internet connection to participate.


What happens if I miss a mastermind session?

Participants are permitted to miss up to two meetings over the span of 12 months. Please note that meetings are not recorded; however, comprehensive notes will be provided for reference.

Can I cancel my membership in the Mastermind Accelerator program at any time?

While cancellation is an option, please note that our program is generally non-refundable. However, we do consider special circumstances on a case-by-case basis and may offer a full or partial refund accordingly.


How can I get in touch with the support team if I have further questions?

For each Mastermind group, a dedicated Team Support Manager is assigned. Should you encounter any issues or have inquiries, you can readily reach out to them via email or various communication platforms at your disposal.


Can I join the mastermind program if I am located outside of the United States?

At present, the Mastermind Accelerator program caters exclusively to businesses based in the United States. However, if you own a U.S. business but operate from another country, you may still be eligible to participate.


Is there a minimum commitment period required to join the Mastermind Accelerator program?

Indeed, the commitment period for the Mastermind Accelerator program spans 12 months. Upon completion, participants will have the option to extend their involvement in the program.


Are there any prerequisites or qualifications needed to participate in the program?

To enroll in the Mastermind Accelerator program, it is required that you are the President, CEO, COO, Owner, or hold an Officer position within an existing U.S.-based business.


How are mastermind groups formed? Can I choose who I am grouped with?

The Mastermind Accelerator Program oversees the composition of groups, with the initial synergy among individuals cultivated during the information sessions. Participants have the opportunity to influence group formation by specifying the type of business owner they wish to engage with and learn from.


Are there any networking opportunities available through the Mastermind Accelerator program?

Networking within the Mastermind Accelerator Program encompasses both formal and informal interactions, providing ample opportunities for meaningful connections and relationship-building among participants.


Can I receive one-on-one coaching or mentoring as part of the program?

Certainly, participants have the option to request and schedule one-on-one coaching sessions as needed.


Are there any additional costs or fees beyond the program membership?

In most instances, the benefits associated with group participation are included in the engagement fee. Additional costs may arise if the required services extend beyond the scope of what is provided within the group setting.


Is there a community or forum where members can connect and interact outside of the mastermind sessions?

Indeed, we offer additional free virtual opportunities for connection and learning alongside the Mastermind Accelerator Program.


Can I bring guests or invite others to participate in a mastermind session as a trial?

The information sessions serve as a trial period to assess the suitability of the program. While guests are not permitted within the group, we do offer discounts for additional team members to join.


Is there a limit to the number of mastermind sessions I can attend per month?

Each participant is allocated to a specific group and is expected to attend the sessions assigned to that group. Private networking opportunities involving all groups will also be facilitated.


Can I access recordings or transcripts of past mastermind sessions?

Participants will have access to comprehensive meeting notes for all sessions.


Are there any specific industries or niches that the program focuses on?

No, however, each group typically includes only one representative from each industry.


Are there any opportunities for collaboration or joint projects among members of the mastermind groups?

Yes, we strongly encourage collaboration among members of the mastermind group.


Can I share my own expertise or lead discussions during mastermind sessions?

We encourage active participation and sharing of expertise as challenges and opportunities arise. Opportunities to lead discussions are considered on a case-by-case basis.


Is there a structured curriculum or agenda for each mastermind session?

Agendas are developed based on group discussions and identified needs. The group collectively decides on the topics to be addressed. Individual needs are addressed through personalized 1:1 coaching sessions.


Can I participate in the program if I have limited experience or knowledge in business or entrepreneurship?

Absolutely, individuals with limited experience or knowledge in business or entrepreneurship are welcome to participate in the program.


How are success stories or testimonials from past participants shared within the community?

We offer opportunities for members to share testimonials and accomplishments at the outset of each meeting and through our marketing channels, should they choose to do so.


Can I receive continuing education credits or certificates for participating in the Mastermind Accelerator program?

At this time, participants in the Mastermind Accelerator program do not receive continuing education credits or certificates.