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Reaching the 98%

Only 2% of Christian Business Owners are members of a peer-to-peer facilitated group that offers biblical business principles, Godly knowledge, Prayer, and Strategies. Our monthly meetings are created to follow the discipleship instructions of Jesus; therefore, Love is our leading ingredient. Our goal is to Champion, Support and Celebrate your Success. While we operate from the belief that everything in the Bible is true, everyone is welcome to join us.

Small Groups

Our Mastermind Accelerators are made up of small groups of 12 business owners from throughout the U.S. Choosing to cap our groups at 12 members is biblical and allows the group to know each other and ultimately form a circle of prayer warriors who are all committed to each other’s success.

Resource Rich

Our team has spent the past several years asking questions and gathering information from business owners nationwide to identify the missing resources needed for a successful Mastermind Accelerator. We provide access to funding, sales, marketing & branding, financials, operations, HR, leadership development, technology changes, and more over 12 months.

Accelerated Success

Within the first 30 days of the Mastermind Accelerator start date, each member will work with our team of experts to develop an 11-month strategy that includes a revenue goal with attached and relevant tasks to complete to achieve the goal. Our team then supports you and holds you accountable. Your peers provide additional resources including referrals as trust is established in the group.

About Us

Why We Do
What We Do?

The Mastermind Accelerator is one major part of how we activate the mission of our parent company and its founder’s brand coined the Business Disrupter. The mission is to close the wealth equity gap of Small Businesses in America. The Mastermind Accelerator is designed to take the peer-to-peer facilitation of a traditional mastermind and combine it with the fast-paced growth component of a business accelerator. 

We will only offer 40 groups each year based on the sacred scriptures’ reverence for the #40 as a time to reconnect with the higher power of God – the time to repent, refresh and prepare for growth.

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Our Services

We Create Success

We believe that PowerPoint presentations and talking heads are old news and ineffective in real change to meet real challenges. Our Mastermind Accelerator participants commit to two hours each month to join their group virtually and engage in conversations that move the needle. We provide light bulb moments and provide the experts to take the idea to implementation quickly. By month two, group participants can expect to have pending applications to build business credit, participate in a program to bring credit scores up to better negotiable levels, or be actively in pursuit of loans. Our participants should expect to share testimonies of recent wins by month three. By month 12, revenue projections are reached and other goals like work-life balance, hiring and retaining great team members, or securing a major speaking engagement are met!

“You shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that he may confirm His covenant that he swore to your fathers, as it is this day.“ Deuteronomy 8:18
Ensuring You Have A Group Fit
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The ROI For Your Investment
Great Facilitation, Strategies & Accountability is Our Promise

We Execute Our Ideas from Start to Finish.



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Dedicated Success Team Members

We welcome solo led businesses if the goal is to grow beyond a one-person operation.

Start Ups

We love idea generators who initiate action. We welcome those who want to grow from startup to healthy, sustainable businesses and wealth.

Christian Business Owners

We welcome those looking for a safe place where biblical principles for business are followed, no politics and like Jesus we never hate.

Business Groups

We welcome up to three leaders from one business with the option to join the same group or choose different groups. We offer a discount for teams to join.

Business Planning

We welcome business leaders who appreciate strategic approaches to growth. Preparedness is one of the biblical principles we follow.


We welcome those who keep an open mind for business disruptions, with the goal of investing in fresh perspectives that better align with their vision.

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Review From Our Clients.

“Joining the Mastermind Accelerator Group has been a transformative experience for me. Four months ago, I embarked on this journey, seeking to enhance my business acumen and forge meaningful connections within a community grounded in faith. The journey has surpassed my expectations, providing me with invaluable insights and solutions in critical areas such as finance and advertising. Beyond the practical business benefits, the opportunity to build solid relationships with other faith-driven leaders has been profoundly rewarding. Denise’s leadership and the group’s foundation on Biblical principles and values have created a unique and powerful environment for growth. I wholeheartedly recommend Denise and her Mastermind Groups to anyone looking to elevate their business while staying true to their faith.”

Bob Willbanks

CEO and Founder
G7 Networking

“I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Denise A Lawrence’s Mastermind group since the beginning of this year. This invaluable experience has resulted in strengthened partnerships with colleagues, attracting a higher number of qualified clients who are eager to pay full fees. Additionally, it has opened doors to exciting speaking engagements, successful book publication on Amazon, and conducting impactful workshops. Notably, my e-commerce store’s sales have doubled compared to last year, and I am confident that this growth trend will continue throughout the year. On top of these achievements, the individuals in the group have evolved into a close-knit family rather than just companions. If you’re considering joining this group, be assured that it’s a decision you won’t regret.”

Elisha S. Lee

Licensed Counselor and E-Commerce Store Owner
Elisha S Lee, LPC; Glory to Glory Christian Store

“The mastermind is unequivocally, a godsend! From the leadership throughout to the members, there is not only a sense of unity but a consensus of excellence and genuine care from people who want you to succeed. The connections alone are exceedingly valuable. If you are looking To go to the next level in business…This is the group for you!

Raymond Dockery III

True Revelations